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Emergency Evacuation Equiment

In case of emergency, the fast evacuation of a building is essential to ensure the safety of the individuals inside. It is incredibly important to leave no one behind. It is often needed to use equipment to rescue immobile individuals. The S-CAPEPLUS range and S-CAPEPOD range are essential evacuation aids, which provide evacuation assistance for those who are unable to independently follow emergency exit procedures. These solutions cater for the elderly, obese, disabled and bed-ridden occupants. Use of this equipment ensures the fastest and easiest evacuation of vulnerable or immobile occupants.

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Rescue people with reduced mobility

It is almost impossible to prevent all emergencies, but your organisation can take the necessary safety measurements, to make sure that you have access to the correct equipment is vital. You can trust on this range of evacuation equipment, service and training when you will need it. These evacuation mattresses and sheets can save lives during an emergency situation. Due to the speed, ease-of-use and the comfort, these evacuation aids are used by many organisations around the world, such as schools, hospitals, companies, senior living facilities, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres and special care facilities.

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Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS | Premium model


Premium evacuation mattress made with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®. Ideal for rough terrain & industry.

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Evacuation mat for the mobility-impaired

S-CAPEPLUS evac mattress

The world’s number one evacuation mattress. Designed for the safe evacuation of people with reduced mobility.

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Bariatric evacuation sheet S-CAPEPOD

Bariatric S-CAPEPOD

Allows the safe evacuation of larger individuals directly from the bed mattress. Unique and life-saving for a vulnerable group.

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Evacuation slide S-CAPEPOD

Evacuation sheet S-CAPEPOD

This evacuation sheet sits permanently underneath a mattress. The patient can be evacuated including the mattress

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Baby evacuation - Evacuation mattress for infants and newborns

S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mat

Designed for the safe evacuation of four babies. Can be used by almost anyone. For hospitals, daycare and maternity centres.

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Carry sheet for evacuation

Carry sheet – Evacuation

Designed for the evacuation of immobile patients from hazardous situations and suitable for transferring patients both on and off stretchers.

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