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Emergency Evacuation Aid

In case of emergency, the fast evacuation of a building is essential to ensure the safety of the individuals inside. The S-CAPEPLUS and S-CAPEPOD are essential evacuation aids, which provide evacuation assistance for those who are unable to independently follow emergency exit procedures. These solutions cater for the elderly, obese, disabled and bed-ridden occupants. Use of this equipment ensures the fastest and easiest evacuation of vulnerable or immobile occupants.

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Under what conditions would evacuation be necessary?

Many of us have the mentality that a serious emergency will never happen to us, but it can happen everyday.
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The S-CAPEPLUS should be included in your evacuation plan

It is required of all departments to have an evacuation plan, which explains the emergency systems and evacuation procedures. The S-CAPEPLUS offers a compact, lightweight, safe and effective piece of Health & Safety equipment, which incorporates a 7cm mattress with cape and pull loops at the head and foot. The S-CAPEPLUS is a stand-alone solution which is simple to use and is designed to avoid injury to those responsible for providing rescue assistance.

Evacuating bedridden people?

The S-CAPEPOD Evac Cocoon complements the S-CAPEPLUS by offering a simple and effective solution
for the evacuation of bedridden clients.

Our #1 priority is the safety of your patients.

The S-CAPEPOD is permanently positioned between the bed frame and the mattress and can easily be implemented ready for evacuation within 30 seconds.

It is the #1 solution for a simple and effective evacuation of bedridden clients. You can count on the S-CAPEPOD!

S-CAPEPOD Advantages

  • Proven to be the fastest evac cocoon to evacuate bedridden people
  • Extremely easy to use – one person operation
  • Does not cause pressure points under the mattress
  • The S-CAPEPOD is permeable, breathable, washable, supple and slippery
  • Does not obstruct staircases
  • Easily managed on all types of stairs

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