Evacuation mattress models

Evacuation mattresses are used and designed to safely evacuate people with reduced mobility during emergency events. You can use the evacuation aids for a horizontal and vertical evacuation. The goal of the S-CAPEPLUS range is that you don’t need to leave a person-in-need behind when disaster strikes. The unique advantage can be found in the ease-of-use, which means that you can use with a minimum amount of training.  The evacuation mats are now being used by a wide range of organisations, such as schools, hospitals, elderly homes, companies, hotels and many more.

This range is an alternative for the escape evacuation chair. For these type of evacuation mats, there are no mandatory maintenance contracts. Due to the ease-of-use, you can save a lot of time and money on training. Check out the different models below.

Escape Evacuation mattress for immobile individuals

Evacuation mattress – basic model

Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS is designed for the safe evacuation of people that suffer from reduced mobility. It is multipurpose emergency evacuation support for the physically impaired, such as seniors, wheelchair users, disabled people with injuries, patients with chronological disorders or people with visual impairments.

The S-CAPEPLUS can be used for a horizontal and vertical evacuation. Thousands of organisations choose this evacuation device – it is used by hospitals, companies, schools, universities, care centers and government buildings. They appreciate the speed, user-friendliness and comfort of the evacuation mattress.

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Evacuation mattress – premium model

This premium evacuation mattress is made with the world’s strongest fibre, Dyneema®. It’s specially designed for outdoor terrains, outdoor fire escapes and rough surfaces. 

The premium version of S-CAPEPLUS also contains head blocks, a card board and a different carrying bag. Similar to the basic model, it is made for the safe evacuation of people that suffer from reduced mobility and it’s been used by many companies in the industry. 

This evacuation device can also be used for horizontal and vertical evacuation.

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Mattress to evacuate reduced mobility - alternative to an evacuation chair
Evac mat for youth S-CAPEPLUS

Evacuation mattress – youth model

The Youth Model of S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress is designed for the safe evacuation of young children in paediatric hospitals, students in primary schools and for people with a small stature. 

This version of the evacuation mat has a length of 175 cm / 68.9″. The Youth Model comes in a green Wall Cover for easy storage. The design and user friendliness is similar to the Basic and Premium Model of S-CAPEPLUS. It means it can be used for vertical and horizontal evacuation.

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Escape evacuation mattress for babies and infants

The fast and safe way to evacuate babies and toddlers during an emergency evacuation. There is no other evacuation device like S-CAPEKIDS available. With this evacuation mattress you can evacuate 4 babies or toddlers simultaneously. Can be easily dragged by one or two rescuers. Designed for childcare centres, children hospitals and maternity departments.

With every S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mattress that you order, you will get a so-called green Wall Cover. This allows you to mount the evacuation device to a wall.

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Escape Evacuation mattress for babies - baby evacuation