Evacuation of immobile individuals from high-rise buildings

Employees with mobility issues. Did you plan for their escape too?

No matter if you’re completely mobile or immobile and need help, emergency evacuations can be tricky. After all, anything can start one. It may be a fire in the apartment next door, an earthquake, a terrorist attack or even a tornado. The fact is that evacuation plans need to exist and need to be put into practice. In the middle of all the chaos and panic, when people know what they need to do, things will all go smoothly. However, when we’re talking about immobile individuals, the situation may be a little more complicated. Just think about someone who uses a wheelchair, someone who is in bed and can’t get up alone. These are the cases that worry most authorities.

When an evacuation plan is created, either for public buildings, schools, hospitals, or just a block of apartments, all the people’s needs need to be considered. Every aspect that may cause an extra difficulty in evacuating these people needs to be considered. People who have low vision or are blind, people who have hearing problems or are deaf, people with cognitive problems, and people with dexterity or mobility problems.

As soon as something happens that may put in danger the people who are in the building, there is the need to notify them. Notification system also needs to take into consideration the people’s needs. Usually, most people tend to think immediately in loud alarms. However, deaf people won’t hear them; people with low mobility won’t be able to do anything except being desperate. Carefully defining a notification system is something crucial that will allow o avoid much of the panic and chaos when an emergency occurs. Plus, regularly testing it is also something that should be considered.

In order to the emergency evacuation works well, building owners need to have the right equipment. You probably shouldn’t be able to use the elevators, so the stairs are usually a good option. But again, immobile people need to deal with this extra problem. So, making sure that all the buildings are equipped with the right material, such as an evacuation mattress, to allow everyone to be evacuated safely should be a priority. And this also involves having well-trained people helping. These people should know the buildings, the emergency evacuation plans, and know about the difficulties some people may have. They should also be prepared to use any equipment that is necessary to put everyone safe.

Despite it’s difficult to control our nerves when something happens, it’s important that you keep calm as much as possible. Being aware of all the procedures in case an evacuation is needed as well as comply with them, is something that is in everyone’s hands and that will allow you to be safe. In case you need any help or assistance, we are happy to help you. Please contact us for further information.

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