What is an evacuation?

An evacuation means that groups of people are moved or drawn away from a specific location. In this situation, the health and safety of these people is in danger and so during an evacuation, they will be brought to a safe location, away from the dangerous threat or event. From a legal perspective, most countries have laws and guidelines which must be followed to ensure evacuations run smoothly and without interference. For example, having a floor plan in the building’s hallways on which the escape routes can be seen and the emergency exits are clearly visible.

In the list below you can find a list with different types of evacuation scenarios. Click on one of the definitions for a detailed explanation.

  • Horizontal evacuation

  • Why should you evacuate?

  • The law and evacuation

  • Escape route

  • Vluchtveiligheid

  • Crisis planning

Evacueren tijdens een calamiteit