What is an evacuation sheet?

An evacuation sheet is used to evacuate bedridden clients during a calamity. This type of evacuation equipment is predominantly used in health care institutions because these house a lot of bedridden people.

An evacuation sheet is found between the mattress and the frame of a patient’s bed. The device is permanently situated underneath the mattress and is always available for immediate use. Because of this, emergency services can act fast when they need to evacuate someone from the bed. After the client is prepared for evacuation, the client can be move towards a safe area including the mattress. An evacuation sheet can be used for horizontal and vertical evacuations. So also when you need to evacuate across stairs, you can use this type of evacuation devices.

An evacuation sheet is also known as ‘evacuation blanket’, ‘rescue sheet’ or ‘rescue mattress’. A well known evacuation sheet, used by many care institutions both nationally and internationally, is the S-CAPEPOD.

Evacuatiedoek & evacuatiesheet voor bedlegerige personen