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What are evacuation aids?

An evacuation aid is the collective name for products that can simplify the evacuation of a person. An evacuation normally takes place during an emergency. For example during a fire or a gas leak. In the event of such an emergency, not everyone will be able to leave the building on its own. This may be due to a permanent or temporary disability. With an evacuation aid, a rescue worker can bring the ‘victim’ to safety.

Below you will find a list of the different types of evacuation aids that are commonly used across the globe.

Click on a term to read the definitions and explanations.

  • Stretchers
  • Evacuation sheets
  • Evacuation mats
  • Evacuation chairs and transport chairs
  • Evacuation lanyard
  • Evacuation apron
  • Rescue mats
  • Electric evacuation chair
  • Evacuation tools demonstration
  • Escape mask
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Washing instructions S-CAPEPOD evacuation device
  • Escape pod / S-CAPEPOD
  • Compare an evacuation chair with an evacuation mattress
  • Legislation regarding evacuation devices
  • What are alternatives for an evacuation chair?
  • Legislation on evacuation mattresses
  • Legislation on the evacuation chair
  • Legislation on training and maintenance of evacuation devices