Evacuation equipment

There are many different types of evacuation devices to rescue people with reduced mobility. These evacuation sheets and evacuation mattresses will help you do the job, because every second counts. Due to the speed, ease-of-use and the comfort, these evacuation aids are used by many organisations around the world, such as schools, hospitals, companies, senior living facilities, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres and special care facilities. For all the evacuation devices, you don’t need to sign up for a mandatory maintenance contract. Here you can find a complete overview of our range of evacuation equipment.

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet

S-CAPEPOD – Standard

S-CAPEPOD is permanently placed under a patient’s mattress and instantly accessible for emergency evacuation.

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Budget Model - Evacuation Sheet

S-CAPEPOD – Budget

This is a budget-friendly model of the S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet range. Use straps instead of flaps for mattress fixation.

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Bariatric Evacuation Sheet - S-CAPEPOD - permanently underneath the bed mattress

Bariatric S-CAPEPOD

Designed for the safe evacuation of larger individuals that suffer from obesity directly from the bed mattress.

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Evacuation mat for the mobility-impaired

S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mat

This evacuation mattress helps you with the safe evacuation of people with reduced mobility. Can be used by almost anyone.

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Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS | Premium model


Premium evacuation mattress with powerful features. Made with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®. Ideal for rough terrain & industry.

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Evacuation Mattress S-CAPEPLUS | Youth Model

S-CAPEPLUS Youth Model

Youth model of the S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat. The length is 175 cm. Designed for schools, paediatric hospitals & shorter individuals.

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Tetcon Ambulance Evacuation Mat

S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model

This is the Inflatable Model of
S-CAPEPLUS. It is designed to reduce physical strain for paramedics during staircase transfers.

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Baby evacuation - Evacuation mattress for infants and newborns

S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mat

This evacuation mattress can provide one nurse with the capability of evacuating four babies. For hospitals, daycare and maternity centres.

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Carry Sheet - Rescue Sheet Retmex - Nomex Model

Retmex – Nomex Model

Rescue & Extinguish. This life-saving sheet let’s you do both. Designed for fire fighters, police & rescue professionals.

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Carry sheet for evacuation

Retmex – Comfort Model

The Comfort Model is designed to help you transfer patients both on and off stretchers. With 12 handles, you can use it with 6 people.

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Carry Sheet - Rescue Sheet Retmex - Compact Model

Retmex – Compact Model

Compact storage to make transport easy. The Compact Model comes with a small carabiner to securely clip the Rescue Sheet to your clothing.

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Carry sheet for evacuation

Project Para

This is a secret evacuation project, we have been working on for over one year now. Updates will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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Other transfer equipment

bodypod - removal service - transfer mattress


The Bodypod simplifies in-home removals for funeral services.

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Psychiatric Emergency Transfer SYstem

Psychiatric Emergency Transfer System

Designed for the safe transfer of psychiatric patients suffering from a meltdown.

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Accessories for your evacuation equipment

Storage cover for S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress

Wall Cover for

The Wall Cover is designed to protect your evacuation mat and to highlight the location of your evacuation device. Available in green.

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Storage cabinet for S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress

Storage cabinet

The storage cabinet for S-CAPEPLUS provides high visibility, safe storage and immediate access to the evac mat during an emergency evacuation.

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Sign for evacuation mattress

Photoluminescent Sign for
Evacuation Mattress

Emergency evacuation mattress signs are designed to help locate and safely use evacuation mattresses in emergency situations.

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