Evacuation equipment – no maintenance contracts

Are you still wasting your budget on annual maintenance contracts for your evacuation aids?

When purchasing evacuation equipment from the S-CAPE range, you do not need to subscribe to a maintenance contract. Why not? Because a visual control is enough and maintenance costs are pretty expensive.
After using your S-CAPE evacuation equipment you only need to check for damages. That’s it!

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Escape evacuatie matras - alternatief voor evacuatiestoel

Evacuation mattress

This is an escape evacuation mattress to evacuate the mobility-impaired.
Fast. Simple. Effective.

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Escape evacuatie sheet - voor evacuatie van bedlegerige cliënten gebruik je de S-CAPEPOD

Evacuation sheet

This is an evacuation sheet for bed bound patients. The S-CAPEPOD allows you to evacuate the patient with the mattress.

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Escape evacuatie matras voor baby

Evacuation mattress

A unique evacuation mattress to evacuate 4 babies simultaneously.
One baby per compartment.

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