Evacuation cartoon: “Wait for the firefighters!”

There are requirements concerning the accessibility of public buildings and businesses for persons suffering from reduced mobility. Nevertheless, often only a few resources are deployed to facilitate the evacuation of these people in case of fire. “Wait here for the fire brigade!” is what many wheelchair users and disabled get to hear during an evacuation.Which has had, as it would for anyone, a significant emotional impact. In addition the Dutch Working Conditions Act states that each employer is responsible for a safe evacuation of both employees and visitors. According to this Act, you are also required to organise an annual evacuation drill.

On September 11, 2001, during the attacks on the World Trade Center, most wheelchair users had to stay behind. They were also told: “Wait for the fire fighters.” The effects were eventually fatal.

The evacuation cartoon below shows that there are alternatives for the disabled and wheelchair users.

Evacuation device for the mobility-impaired. Alternative to evacuation chair. No maintenance costs and lower-priced.

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