Direct Supply releases new S-CAPEPOD video for US senior living market

New project comes after a year Direct Supply met Tetcon on Rehacare in Düsseldorf, Germany

Tetcon is pleased to announce its new partnership with Direct Supply, a leading provider of equipment eCommerce and services for the US Senior Living industry. The goal of this partnership is to increase the safety culture for senior living communities in the United States.

We know the health and safety of residents is the top priority. Therefore, it’s essential that the Senior Citizens Healthcare facility has the proper fire safety precautions in place. According to USA Today, more than half of the healthcare homes in the United States are in violation of federally-established standards for fire safety. The newspaper reports that inspectors often ignore major safety deficiencies, even in facilities that have had a fire in the last five years. In addition, government inspectors tend to overlook these indiscretions by failing to impose penalties on facilities that do not have the proper sprinkler and alarm systems in place.

Direct Supply has also released a new video for the S-CAPEPOD evacuation solution. This means that the S-CAPEPOD will now be available for senior living communities in the United States. The senior living industry is facing a lot fire every year, resulting in too many casualties. The partnership is strategically chosen in order to increase the safety culture for the senior living industry.

“We are happy that we can bring the S-CAPE evacuation aids to the US in cooperation with Direct Supply. The company is known for their strength in the senior living industry in the US, and this partnership offers strong support for our business and the S-CAPEPOD vision.” says a spokesperson from Tetcon.

Without a sufficient fire safety program, healthcare facilities are exposing their organization to huge losses and lawsuits that could potentially bankrupt their business. There are two key measures senior home cares can take to establish a sound fire safety program: installing a sprinkler system and establishing a fire safety program. Although a sprinkler system can be purchased, a fire safety program takes a lot more time and effort. If you don’t already have an adequate plan in place, consider the putting an evacuation procedure and training specific to the senior living industry in action.

A solid fire prevention plan eliminates the risk of penalties from the government, lowers the risk of negligence lawsuits, protects the home care building and business, keeps residents safe and is a major selling point for prospective residents and their families. With the appropriate technology and procedures in place, the health care providers can ensure their facility is prepared in the event of a fire and avoid a catastrophic situation.

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