Completus Med is going to introduce evacuation concepts in Denmark

Completus MedCompletus Med recently formed a partnership for distributing Tetcon’s range of evacuation equipment in Denmark. Completus Med is a Copenhaged based company within medical devices. Evacuation mattresses and sheets are rarely used in Denmark. But just like in other countries in Europe, there’s a growing need for people to feel safe. Denmark’s population is ageing and lots of people suffer from reduced mobility. And you never know when an emergency will have consequences for the people around you.

“Evacuation devices are crucial to save lives when disaster strikes” – Thomas Kierstein, director of Completus Med

Tetcon did not have any activities in Denmark yet and is therefore proud that the evacuation concepts are going to be introduced in the country. Tetcon visited Completus Med in May 2018. During the visit, we gave several evacuation demos to hospitals, senior communities, companies and hotels. The team was also educated in the safe use of the entire range of evacuation equipment. The first evacuation mattresses were already installed. 

Danish organisations can contact Completus Med for a demonstration.

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