5 02, 2019

This evacuation video with an alternating pressure mattress is worth watching

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No matter where you are based or what you are doing now, when you are working with healthcare clients, it is very likely that you come across 'anti-decubitus mattresses'. Also known as inflatable mattresses, active pressure relief mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses. [...]

17 10, 2018

How safe are your bariatric patients in an emergency? Tetcon announce exclusive partnership

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Benmor Medical are delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Tetcon – Textile Technical Concepts, bringing their innovative bariatric emergency evacuation equipment to the UK market. The continued growth of Benmor Medical in the UK bariatric market has presented [...]

25 05, 2016

Evacuation equipment is resistant against hospital bacteria

By |May 25th, 2016|S-CAPEPLUS, S-CAPEPLUS evacuatiematras, S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress, S-CAPEPOD evacuatiedoek, S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet|0 Comments

Did you know that people with low immunity are more susceptible to hospital bacteria? They are so susceptible that this results in fatalities every year. Probably more than you expect. According to the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health [...]

29 02, 2016

This is how you should be using the evacuation sheet S-CAPEPOD

By |February 29th, 2016|S-CAPEPOD evacuatiedoek, Training|0 Comments

A little extra help while using the evacuation device like S-CAPEPOD can come in handy. To help you with this, we have recorded an instructional video for you. This will be useful for upcoming training sessions. You can look at the [...]