Evacuation Sheet S-CAPEPOD – Budget Model is coming: December 13th

Evacuation Sheet Budget Model

A Budget Evacuation Sheet

Every year, we receive multiple tender requests from governmental hospital across the globeThis type of requests usually concerns Evacuation Sheets (750+ units or more). We always need to compete with two other companies and thus their products. As you’ll understand, we’d always put forward the S-CAPEPOD, the Swiss Army Knife of the Evacuation Sheets. And of course, a Swiss Army Knife comes with a price. While this Premium Product is very much liked by hospital managers, there were two frustrating moments in 2019. The hospital board and the health and safety managers preferred to go for our Swiss Army Knife. Nevertheless, they couldn’t make the funds available to invest in a Swiss Army Knife.

We came, we won and….. we lost. 

And since there were not enough funds available, the hospital board would choose the Budget Evacuation Sheet. And so we lost. Losing a tender doesn’t make your day. When looking into our Tetcon mirror, it was crystal clear: if a hospital would solely focus on price when purchasing Evacuation Sheets, there would be a fair chance of loss in the future too.

Lose the battle, win the war.

At Tetcon, we don’t like losing. So we decided to work on a solution to outperform the Budget Evac Sheets. And it had to be a solution that would be beneficial for you as well.

The Swiss Army Knife among Budget Evacuation Sheets

Therefore, Tetcon has been working on a Budget Model of the S-CAPEPOD. And to be honest, it works fantastic! And also here, it will be the Swiss Army Knife among the ‘Budget Evacuation Sheets’. For that reason, you will also have a choice when a budget is tight. As a care facility, you could choose a combination of the Budget S-CAPEPOD and the Standard S-CAPEPOD (the current model).

Skeptical that it doesn’t work?

Well, don’t worry. Are we 100% sure that this will work? Yes, we are. How do we know? Well, because we recently won a big hospital tender with this new Budget S-CAPEPOD.

Set the date: Friday, December 13th

The launch date for this new evacuation sheet is Friday, December 13th. That means that the S-CAPEPOD range will consist of three different evac sheets from that date.

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