A big step for S-CAPEPLUS: Introducing S-CAPEPLUS Premium

Tetcon worked for almost 1,5 year on a new evacuation mattress. The result? The S-CAPEPLUS Premium. Here you can read and see everything on how this new evacuation device came about.

It was 2016, when we were approached by a couple of companies from the industry asking us if we could create an alternative to the well-known evacuation chair. We already had that, namely the evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS. After a number of tests, we got asked whether changes could be made to the current model of the S-CAPEPLUS, so that it could be applied to the industry. Companies often have to deal with perforated stairs, both inside and outside. The Trevira CS polyester on the underside of the standard version would break. During demonstrations of the evacuation tool we found out that this ‘problem’ also occurred in healthcare institutions, where the emergency stairs are sometimes on the outside.

We went to work. We thought it would be easy. With the emphasis on ‘we thought’. We soon got our share of disappointment. The search for the right materials was not easy. Eventually, through our experience with anti-tear materials we came across Dyneema. It’s a Dutch textile invention from DSM. When you start working with Dyneema®, other confection techniques and heavier machines are needed. Dyneema® is in fact a thick knit and not a thin fabric like the Trevira CS that we used before.

On October 17, 2016 we did our first test with the first prototype of the premium S-CAPEPLUS model. Here you can see the images:

This test was just the beginning. We wanted to make a device that met the requirements of tomorrow. We added head blocks, a new carrying bag, extra bridges in the pull straps and a special cardboard at the foot end. To top it off? We equipped the entire bottom with the world’s strongest fiber Dyneema®. All these modifications resulted in a super strong evacuation mattress which improved the escape safety at companies, health care facilities and factories. Besides, it’s an evacuation mattress which every safety officer can use with good faith. Oh, and the S-CAPEPLUS Premium doesn’t have a maintenance contract.

Take a look at the pictures below here or go directly to the product page via this link:

Escape emergency mattress S-CAPEPLUS
Escape emergency mattress S-CAPEPLUS
Escape emergency mattress S-CAPEPLUS
Escape emergency mattress S-CAPEPLUS
More information about the premium model

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  1. […] Dyneema® is an innovative woven knit that can hold up to tears, bumps, and anything else you’ll run over while in a rescue situation. Patients are kept completely safe while lying on the S-CAPEPLUS Premium and experience comfort during the escape. To see the S-CAPEPLUS Premium in action, check out this video where we tied a prototype of the S-CAPEPLUS Premium to the back of an SUV and had one of our assistants go for a ride over the rough asphalt in a parking lot. (https://s-capeplus.com/en/big-step-s-capeplus/) […]

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